Industrialized Construction: Where Do CMs Fit?

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineAugust 19, 2019
by Jess Lohse with contributions from SBCA Staff


As the construction industry faces pressure to improve efficiencies and create more affordable housing through better utilization of resources, incumbent market players face a challenge to stay on top of changing market forces. Component manufacturers (CMs) have long innovated construction practices, blending manufacturing processes with structural framing techniques for light frame wood construction. For over 65 years CMs have been on the leading edge of new framing methods including introduction of the wood roof truss, offsite manufacturing of wall panels and more recently with the proliferation of the floor cassette.  

So how do CMs continue to innovate and communicate their value proposition to surrounding stakeholders in the construction industry supply chain? One way is by interacting with them at the Industrialized Wood Based Construction conference (IWBC), a conference bringing industrial digitization stakeholders together to discuss, share, and create ideas that add efficiencies to construction through enhanced digital technology opportunities. 

CMs are at the crossroads of construction information creation and structural framing solutions and are best suited to capitalize on the increased use of components systems in the market and leveraging the information created through their existing processes. 

CMs are perfectly positioned with their 65+ years of manufacturing experience to capitalize on a new appetite to change how structures are built. While components have been around for several decades, architects, developers, and engineers don’t fully understand the value proposition components offer to drive down construction timelines, create material usage savings and provide the best possible structural load path solution. Combine this with untapped value CMs create everyday through their use of component software that serves as a plan accuracy double check, each CM offers a unique value proposition that significantly contributes to advances in the construction industry. Engaging professionals to establish new collaboration opportunities locally and at conferences like IWBC are a perfect way to develop expand markets for individual components and component system solutions alike. 

SBCA is collaborating with IWBC on speaking opportunities to showcase the value of components to a variety of stakeholders attending IWBC. If you are interested in engaging attendees at IWBC or other conferences, please reach out to Jess Lohse ( to discuss opportunities or learn more about IWBC. You can register for IWBC using code: SBC2019 as attendance will offer CMs a spot at the table to discuss ensuring component systems are part of the solution. 


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