EEBS Transitioning to New Delivery Schedule

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineAugust 28, 2019
by ABTG Staff


A little over four years ago, SBC Magazine launched Energy Efficiency & Building Science News (EEBS), to reach readers interested in the science behind building envelope performance and the wide array of complicated issues surrounding the protection of buildings from the effects of water, the value energy efficiency and durability/resilience. This work has reached various groups associated with the building construction trades in an effort to put valuable and timely information in their hands. 

Each of the SBC Magazine news feeds, SBC Industry News, Framing News and Energy Efficiency & Building Science News, consistently reach up to 7,500 readers with each delivery. We are currently working on deepening our database with the goal of systematically increasing our reach to all the interested readers about advances and innovation in construction. It is also important to continue to freely provide a focus on the latest methods, products and materials used to achieve various building envelope performance goals.

Sponsorship support for SBC Industry News and Framing News has allowed us to invest the resources and staff focus needed to provide a weekly and two times per month news feed, respectively. We know that EEBS has developed a loyal readership and we wish to serve that readership through content that takes dedicated resources to create.

Given a recent evaluation of our SBC Magazine business resources, it has become clear that when looking to serve every group’s best interests, along with scarce resource allocation, transitioning EEBS from a weekly publication to a monthly publication is a decision that fits needs well. Therefore, from this point forward, EEBS will be sent out on the Wednesday of the third full week of each month, inserted between the weeks Framing News is published.

We’ll use the same email delivery system so look for the EEBS brand with the subject line, “Energy Efficiency & Building Science News,” starting Wednesday, September 18th.

Given our readership reach and feedback, there is great value in providing direct messages on building science and performance to an energy efficiency focused market. If any company sees value in working with SBC Magazine to expand knowledge about the value of your business, we would like to work your thoughts into our news delivery strategy. Please call Molly at 608-310-6741.

Thank you for reading EEBS and supporting our efforts to supply the building construction industry with reliable information regarding the science that goes into building durability and energy efficiency.


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