Shelter Systems Launches 360 VR Video

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineApril 22, 2019
by Molly Butz


This spring, Shelter Systems Limited of Westminster, Maryland, unveiled a new 360⁰ virtual reality (VR) plant tour. Jason Hikel, Shelter’s Systems IT Director, is excited about the ways they can use the video to promote their company.

“We’re looking forward to using it at tradeshows and job fairs,” Jason explained. “It’s more unique than a traditional video and it’s a great way to spark a conversation with someone who’s never experienced VR or 360 video before.” In addition, Jason has found that it’s been an excellent way to connect with a new generation of potential employees.

Now, Shelter Systems can be brought to life anywhere and get people interested in and excited about what’s happening in their manufacturing facility, especially at times when it is difficult to physically visit the plant, like a career fair or a classroom presentation. Jason’s been getting really positive reactions to the new video and sees it as an excellent opportunity to “differentiate Shelter from the competition.”

Shelter has also gone the extra step and invested in a couple of Oculus all-in-one headsets, which make the user experience even more intense. “It’s an immersive experience,” Jason said. “People are kind of blown away.”

He also recognizes that without the right partner to help make the video come to life, it would have been difficult (and far more expensive) to accomplish. Jason’s advice? Find someone that has the equipment and editing capabilities to do what you want rather than trying to make do on your own. “Plan to invest with the knowledge that you’ll get a good return on investment.”


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