SBCA Podcast Finds: JBRC Insights on Today's Housing

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineApril 22, 2019
by Sean Shields


In addition to the news developments highlighted in SBC Industry News and the best practices shared through SBCA’s webinar series, SBCA is preparing to launch its own podcast series to allow members to listen to additional industry-specific insights wherever they go.

To gear up for the launch of this series, SBC Magazine has been scouring the internet to find others’ podcasts we think you might find valuable.  We will be publishing a few of these over the coming weeks and then asking for your opinion on how and when you like to listen to podcasts, as well as what topics you’d most like us to cover.

To start, please listen to the podcast below, which features two analysts from John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Jody Kahn and Devyn Bachman, as they provide insight on:

  • 2019 versus 2018: The steep decline in 2018 and the degree of turnaround today, especially in the second half of March—and why
  • Entry-level buyers: The big sales differences in “bare bones” enry-level home sales versus “upscale” entry-level home sales (targeting DICE, i.e., dual-income, college-educated) buyers
  • Repeat buyers: The big sales differences between traditional move-up home sales and really luxurious home sales
  • Price trend clarity: Could builder bonuses be the reasons that incentives remain so high when unsold inventory is so low?
  • Major markets: Our view of the three strongest and weakest markets in the country as well as clarity on three important, expensive, tech-oriented markets that have been behaving very differently from each other: Seattle, Orange County, and Washington, DC
  • Cost trends
  • Pricing trends through year-end

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