Floor Trusses Reduce Aches & Pain Says ‘Ask the Builder’

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineApril 22, 2019
by Laura Soderlund with contributions from SBCA Construction Staff


“I’ve come to fall in love with floor trusses,” Tim Carter, wrote in his March 31 Ask the Builder newsletter. Tim expands on this statement explaining the many holes and friction points that any solid wood or I-joist would have to get to install the same radiant floor system. “I can’t begin to tell you how difficult it would be to run all the hePEX without the floor trusses,” Tim states, adding “I can’t believe all the extra time it would have taken.”

While it is typically an after-thought, because HVAC, plumbing and radiant floor tubing are not part of the truss or installer costs, the fact remains that the MEP installers save time and money using floor trusses. It would be great if buyers of the framing package would take this into account as a highly valuable reason to use trusses rather than conventional framing. The time-saving value of floor trusses is going to be increasingly apparent as installer trade labor becomes tight and floor trusses will likely become the preferred approach. Therefore, with increased demand comes increased value.

In the final stages of running electric on his daughter’s new home, Tim commented on how much time was saved using floor trusses. “The floor trusses have saved us countless hours of labor installing all of the DWV plumbing, the PEX water lines, the radiant heating PEX and the thousands of feet of Romex electric cable. And I love love love how flat the floors are!”

Tim’s firsthand experience and perspective makes it easy for everyone to relate to his viewpoint and understand the advantages of building with floor trusses. Tim confirms; “Without floor trusses, I can't begin to tell you how many hundreds of holes would have to be drilled for all the:

  • hePEX heating tubing
  • plumbing drain lines - HUGE holes
  • plumbing supply lines
  • electrical wiring
  • low-voltage wiring

Tim included this short video in his newsletter and directed viewers to SBCA’s Best Way to Frame website (bestwaytoframe.com) to learn more about floor trusses. There are over 1,500 views of this video on YouTube in just under four weeks since it was published on March 23.

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