Commentary on Term Authority Having Jurisdiction

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineApril 29, 2019
by SBCA Staff with contributions by SBCA Professional Engineers


What is the definition of authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) found in the building code, and what does this definition mean? The 2018 set of building codes does not provides a definition for AHJ. Therefore, this term will need to be defined using the dictionary or as a term defined in another code. Fortunately, the Building Code 2015 of New York State or the Uniform Code (UC)  helps by providing a definition as follows:

Section 107 Administration and Enforcement
107.1 Definitions

“Authority Having Jurisdiction” means the governmental unit or agency responsible for administration and enforcement of the Uniform Code.

It is then clear that the definition of AHJ is identical to that of building official. A commentary for both definitions is provided in the article entitled, “Key Construction Industry Definition - Building Official.”

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