Energy Code & HFC Updates for MO, NY and TX

Originally published by: ASHRAESeptember 17, 2018

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Below are updates on state and local changes to the building code that will have an impact on the building envelope.


On August 1, the City of Saint Louis, Missouri Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to adopt all of the 2018 Model (or I Codes) including the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code. These new codes became effective immediately and replaced the 2009 version of the codes. This follows their Building Energy Awareness Ordinance passed in 2017 requiring privately owned buildings and municipal buildings in St. Louis of 50,000 square feet or more to be benchmarked. Owners must disclose annual energy and water consumption. Click here to view all of the codes.

New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced he is directing the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to promulgate regulations to phase out the use of hydrofluorocarbons, a group of potent greenhouse gas pollutants used in a wide variety of applications.  The regulations would adopt the 2015 and 2016 changes to the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) originally developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  These new regulations, which would prohibit specific substances for use in new consumer products, new equipment and equipment that is retrofit after the compliance dates, including aerosol propellants, commercial and residential food refrigeration equipment, commercial air-conditioning equipment, light-duty vehicle air-conditioning and foam-blowing agents, would be phased in between 2020 and 2024. Click here for more information.


The City Council of San Antonio, Texas has adopted the full array of 2018 model (or I) codes, to be effective October 1, 2018.  These codes will replace the 2015 codes that are currently in place. Click here to read more on the code adoption.