Check Out MiTek's Full Line of Hardy Frame Products

MiTek USA just announced that its Hardy Frame brand now offers a range of seven products in a “full spectrum” offering of lateral-load solutions for light-frame, multistory construction.  Two of the Hardy Frame solutions introduced here – the Hardy Frame® CFS Moment Frame™ and the Hardy Frame® CFS Picture Frame™ – are entirely new to the market.

“MiTek is the innovator in the field of lateral-load solutions.  With this full spectrum of solutions, anyone designing or constructing light-frame, multistory structures now has more choices, more advantages, and better value,” said Scott Miller, MiTek’s Senior Vice President of Engineering.  “Our new cold-formed steel solutions are especially innovative, allowing easy, on-site assembly.  We stand alone in the industry with this new alternative to structural steel moment frames.”

The full spectrum of Hardy Frame solutions includes:

Hardy Frame Brace

The “original” Hardy Frame diagonal member resists lateral loads in both tension and compression


Hardy Frame Panel

Offers the industry’s narrowest (9”) pre-fabricated shear panel

Back-to-back installation doubles capacity

Hardy Frame CFS Moment Frame (New!)

Cold-formed steel (CFS) alternative to structural steel moment frames

Cost-effective; easy assembly on site

Back-to-back installation doubles capacity

Hardy Frame Moment Frame

Pre-assembled and pre-welded, with pinned base

No lateral bracing required at the beam

The first special moment connection designed for use in residential construction to be prequalified in AISC 358.

Hardy Frame Picture Frame

The “picture frame” has double the capacity of a pinned-base frame.

Replaces grade beam design and construction


Hardy Frame CFS Picture Frame™ (New!)

Cold-formed steel solution for multi-family shear wall systems; an effective solution for multi-story application with large window openings

Self-reacting moment frame distributes compression on wood members below

Two panels installed back-to-back can double capacity

Incorporates the MiTek Z4 continuous tie-down system

Easy to assemble on-site

Z4 Tie Down System

Perpetually adjusts its connections to the floor system as a building deforms

One-time installation and inspection


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