MiTek to Highlight Labor-Savings Through Automation

Originally published by: MiTek USAOctober 19, 2018

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MiTek Industries, Inc. today announced that it has advanced the labor-saving capabilities of its systems.  With just over one year in the field, the MatchPoint DirectDrive system is reducing shop floor labor by up to 40% for its users. 

The MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system complements MiTek’s MatchPoint BLADE™ Wood Processing System (an automated saw and component manufacturing system) and MiTek’s Wizard PDS Auto Jigging system.  Visit BCMC booth 206 to learn more.

At the BCMC show, MiTek will also display two newsworthy items:

  1. A MiTek Finish Roller that offers a new safety controller (“category 3” safety-rated) with a pull cord on each end of the roller.
  2. A variable frequency drive (VFD) that allows better power control of the MiTek Finish Roller, which can make it more efficient when pressing larger connector plates into trusses.

More About the MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ System:

With the MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ System, users access software and a material-handling system that fully rounds out roof truss component manufacturing, while offering labor reduction.  The complementary MatchPoint® Blade™ system offers sorting, optimizing, and printing capabilities, allowing unrivaled accuracy and speed.  Plus, the MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system all but eliminates truss manufacturing “set-up time,” a major factor that can limit truss production output.

With just over one year in the field, the MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system is reducing shop floor labor by up to 40% for its users.

With MiTek’s Virtual Plant software (MVP), users can also manage the truss manufacturing process, a.k.a. work in progress (WIP), far better than before, while increasing manufacturing capacity within a manufacturing facility’s existing footprint. Review the MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system in this video:

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