MiTek Helps Integrate Off-Site Framing into Concept Home

Originally published by: MiTek USANovember 13, 2018

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MiTek® Industries, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a sponsor and participant in the 2019 BUILDER Concept Home in Henderson, NV, called KB Home ProjeKt: Where Tomorrow Lives.

KB Home ProjeKt: Where Tomorrow Lives is a forward-looking concept home that breaks new ground in homebuilding through innovative partnerships.  It is led by KB Home, the industry leader in sustainability and innovation.  With a solid conviction that the best way to predict the future is to create it, the Projekt team aims to re-envision the homebuyer's experience of home and community.  ProjeKt represents the ultimate exploration of health, wellness, attainability and sustainability in a volume homebuilding framework. This best-in-class home will be revealed January 2019 at Inspirada in Las Vegas.

KB Home ProjeKt: Where Tomorrow Lives (pictured above) represents the ultimate exploration of health, wellness, attainability and sustainability in a volume homebuilding framework. The off-site construction framing process of this KB Home ProjeKt incorporates advanced panelized framing, 3D-modeled, and is enabled in part by MiTek’s SAPPHIRE® software solutions.

The off-site construction framing process of this KB Home ProjeKt incorporates 3D-modeled and advanced panelized framing. Using a highly collaborative approach, the design and construction teams accounted for all the framing details, as well as the MEP placement and HVAC optimization in the building process.  Overall, KB Home ProjeKt demonstrates the viability of a highly accelerated construction pace when moving from “dirt to dry-in.”

Shorter framing cycle times are realized through collaboration enabled in part by MiTek’s SAPPHIRE® 3D BIM structural models (sample shown), ENTEKRA’s engineered integration, and manufacturing that uses MiTek automated equipment.

The dramatic shortening of traditional home framing cycle times is only possible through a truly collaborative effort across all disciplines.  This is enabled in part by MiTek’s SAPPHIRE® suite of 3D structural component design and manufacturing software, ENTEKRA’s engineered integration, and manufacturing by Better Built Truss and Desert Truss using MiTek automated truss manufacturing equipment.

Additionally, MiTek’s SAPPHIRE Build Portal provided a central digital repository to track and maintain version control of documents and plans associated with the KB Home ProjeKt.  MiTek’s Hardy Frame® and USP® Structural Connectors are featured as well, and MiTek’s Wrightsoft Corporation’s Production Home Design Service Group created the optimized HVAC system design to optimize the home’s comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality.  MiTek’s SAPPHIRE structural BIM model of the home was also central to Wrightsoft’s design for the highly efficient system and its layout.


About the KB Home ProjeKt

The KB Home ProjeKt: Where Tomorrow Lives home will be revealed in the Inspirada master-planned community in Henderson, Nevada in January 2019. Visit to stay up-to-date with the KB Home ProjeKt developments.

For this concept home, ENTEKRA coordinated the off-site integration process, and facilitated the panelized design, truss engineering, and construction logistics of the floor, roof, and wall panel components.  Truss and panel design and manufacturing were enabled by MiTek’s SAPPHIRE design and process-management software solutions, which also drive MiTek’s automated equipment to create the final structural components.

“This home demonstrated how currently-available technologies can be pushed to high levels, and still be an efficient solution in homes of any size. Off-site design and framing methods like this, coupled with the cycle-time reduction they create, are key to solving the continuing framing labor shortage and the lack of new housing,” said Gregg Renner, MiTek’s Senior Vice President, Global Residential Marketing.  “MiTek’s technology, featuring the 3D structural framing software and automated manufacturing, integrates the off-site process from design all the way through to the manufacturing and final jobsite assembly of the framing.  This project is a strong example of all of that at work, and MiTek couldn’t be happier to be a key player with this great team and this project.”


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