Video: A One-Man Truss Framing Crew?

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineMay 7, 2018
by Sean Shields


SBC Magazine, along with most other trade press, have covered the labor shortage facing the framing industry extensively over the past few years.  We’ve argued this pain point for builders will drive more of them to consider framing more of their projects with structural components. SBCA's Component Marketing Toolbox was recently made available for all component manufacturers. These tools focus on how component framing reduces the need for jobsite labor. With tongue firmly in cheek we admit we grossly underestimated just how much labor could be saved.

A member recently stumbled across the video below, which shows what just one man, a roof truss package and an oversized helping of determination can accomplish. 



Of course, we share this video with a BIG disclaimer.  SBCA and SBC Magazine in no way endorse this approach to roof truss installation. There is no proper fall protection, there is a clear lack of temporary bracing, and this approach has numerous material handling problems. However, it does serve to highlight the many installation advantages structural components offer to builders and sufficiently-staffed framing crews.