TYPAR Helping to Develop More Efficient Building Envelope

Originally published by: TYPARMarch 29, 2018

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TYPAR® is taking a hike into the mountains alongside Green Home Builder as part of the latest installment of the ABC Green Home project. Located in Crestline, California, the home will not only have an environmentally friendly design, but will be surrounded by the greens of nature high up in the pine trees at a 6,500 ft. elevation above Lake Gregory. 

ABC Green Home 4.0 represents the third installment of homes built as part of a bigger initiative to build homes that are “Affordable, Buildable and Certified.” The overall goal when designing the ABC Green Home is to achieve complete net-zero energy—meaning the total amount of energy used by the building is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site. In order to achieve this goal, the ABC project centers in on every single detail of the home, from the advanced framing and high-performance walls and ceilings, down to the indoor air quality of the home and how the materials are specified. 

When considering options for the home’s building envelope, the project team wanted a system that would perform at a high level and add protection to the walls from energy-stealing and damaging air and water intrusion. Ultimately, the TYPAR Weather Protection System was chosen, as it includes weather-resistant barriers, flashings, and construction tape that are engineered to work together to provide great protection against nature’s harshest elements. The system provides the perfect balance of water and air holdout and breathability, while improving the overall energy efficiency of the home. As an air barrier, the TYPAR Weather Protection System helps seal structures tight to reduce overall energy consumption. By reducing the risks of mold, allergens, and pollutants, the system helps preserve indoor air quality for occupant health, safety, and comfort—a goal that designers of the home were hoping to achieve.

As the ABC Green Home project continues to evolve, higher standards are being met with each new home. The Crestline home is independently certified by eight different agencies including Net Zero Energy, LEED®, DOE, National Green Building Standard, ENERGYSTART®, EPA WaterSense®standards. The home is also designed and constructed per the California Advanced Homes Program administered by SoCalGas.

The five-bed, five-bath, 3,077-square-foot home features a flat 8,500-square-foot lot, a two-car garage, a wine cellar, mud room, full basement, and an attic for storage. Additionally, the home includes a custom deck and outdoor kitchen area, a private gated entrance with additional forecourt parking, stacked retaining walls, fencing, and an EPA-certified irrigation system. 

To tie it all together, the home uses a smart home technology hub that operates multiple aspects of the home including: the solar panel system, battery backup, thermostats, appliances, ceiling fans, security, entertainment systems, door locks, lighting, irrigation, and window shades. 

The ABC Green Home team will be sharing insights and details of the designs of all systems in the home including: civil, architectural, structural, MEP, and smart home technologies and interiors. Those who are interested can follow the build live on the project’s website via the on-site security cameras at www.abcgreenhome.com. 

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