Alpine Releases AutoMill SC Component Saw Upgrade

Alpine announces immediate availability of its AutoMill SC Upgrade April 6, 2018, enabling owners of Alpine’s AutoMill SC component saw to upgrade to a new control system.

“If production schedules depend on an AutoMill SC component saw, upgrading will increase functionality and insure long term viability of this essential machine,” said Elizabeth Lisiecki, Business Manager, Equipment at Alpine.

Positive Customer Impact

Customers will benefit from installing the upgraded control system in several ways. The current controls for the AutoMill SC component saw are obsolete. If the components fail, it will be difficult to find the parts to keep the saw running. Alpine identified the need for a solution and engineered a new control box for the AutoMill SC. This control box, paired with many other new electrical components, will extend the life of an AutoMill SC component saw.

In addition to a supported platform and reducing potential downtime, there are many other advantages to upgrading the control system. The new system offers on screen diagnostics and access to a troubleshooting library. It provides increased accuracy, an operating system upgrade to Windows IoT and a new, easy to read interface with the ability to operate in English, Spanish or French.

April 6, 2018 Availability

The design of an upgrade kit for the AutoMill SC was driven by Alpine’s commitment to deliver the latest products to support our customers and to increase plant efficiency and productivity. Don’t miss the opportunity to proactively extend the life of this valuable asset.

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