Video: Framer Helps Refine FrameFAST System

Originally published by the following source: FastenMasterMarch 27, 2018


Over the past few years, FastenMaster has worked with NFC member Scott Stevens and his staff at ModuTech to field test and provide feedback on FrameFAST, a product designed facilitate the connection of top plates to roof trusses from the ground.

According to Stevens, the National Framers Council provides a "direct connect" that allows suppliers and framers to work together to develop products that increase safety and efficiency on the jobsite, which furthers the overall mission of the organization.

FrameFAST will be available to the market in January 2017, for any NFC members that would like more information or a jobsite demo prior to then contact please Tim Irwin at or 413-244-6246. For more information about joining NFC, visit the NFC website.

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