Idaho's Top Builder Credits Trusses for Success

Ronda Conger of CBH Homesby Sean Shields


According to a recent article in Builder Magazine, Idaho’s top builder, CBH Homes, has stayed ahead of its competitors by address the labor shortage head on.  In the article, Ronda Conger, CBH Homes vice president (pictured at right) says their approach was to embrace technology and manufacturing and, “bringing in specialists to figure out how we can do something faster and better.”  The result?  Per the article:

“CBH has responded by buying and staffing its own heating and air company, interior finish company, and truss plant. Nine months ago, the company started wall production at their truss plant, framing wall panels which they then send to on-site framers. “We have saved an entire day on our construction schedule, [with] the added benefit of less waste, and more consistency in our end product,” says Conger.”

This builder has embraced component framing as the solution to their labor woes and it’s helped them become the most successful builder in a fast-growing state.  Share their story with any builder or framer customers who still think stick-framing is the better way to frame.