Fear Building Envelopes No More with This Website & Videos

Originally published by the following source: Applied Building Technology GroupJuly 18, 2018
by Timothy Ahrenholz with contributions by Kirk Grundahl, P.E.and Sean Shields


If you’re intimidated by the complexity and requirements of building envelopes and building science, you are not alone.  Many owners, architects, engineers and builders can be confused by the complicated and interrelated science involved in the important layers protecting the building from temperature changes, not to mention the complex factors that affect insulation performance, thermal bridges, structural performance, the effects of moisture vapor and wind driven rain, etc.

That’s where continuousinsulation.org comes in!  

This new website contains a wealth of building envelope-related resources, including a primer on R-factor and U-Factor insulation math and steel and wood wall assembly performance calculators to aid in thermal and water vapor control design.  

A new video series has been added which serves as good way to get your feet wet on the concepts undergirding the wide range of topics covered on continuousinsulation.org. The first video below features Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng, describing a state-of-the-art building envelope and the basic science behind its construction.




Each video in this series lays out a different basic building design concept, and helps to illustrate the breadth and depth of resources available at continuousinsulation.org. ABTG staff will introduce additional videos in the series as they are added to the site.  All of this work is meant to give you as much detailed knowledge as you need or would like to have to design a better performing building!