FastenMaster Focuses on Market Education of New Framing System

Originally published by: FastenMasterJuly 22, 2018

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Last year FastenMaster introduced the FrameFAST structural wood framing system for truss and rafter to top plate connections. The system is code-compliant in all 50 states, and FastenMaster is actively meeting with county code officials and engineers to drive education and training for its innovative new fastening system.

Image result for FastenMaster recently introduced the FrameFASTFrameFAST is comprised of a unique tool and threaded fastener, which replaces traditional fastening methods like nails, various types of metal connectors, or hurricane ties.  The FrameFAST tool allows the framer to make the truss or rafter to top plate connection while standing on the floor, thus improving safety by eliminating the need for ladders and pneumatic nail guns.

In addition to improving jobsite safety, FrameFAST enables these connections to be made up to 8 times faster.  The simplicity of the system also gives the framing crew flexibility, as even the most novice crew members quickly become proficient with the tool after driving a few fasteners.

While available skilled labor shortages continue to challenge builders, framers, and other businesses connected to residential construction, systems that drive improved speed and efficiency will remain highly sought after.  The intuitive design of FrameFAST ensures that any framer will be able to increase their productivity and reduce installed cost.

FastenMaster has a nationwide sales organization and technical team that meets with framers on site along with code officials and engineers on a daily basis.  To schedule a lunch and learn, jobsite demonstration, or for further information, FastenMaster encourages contacting them by phone or email.  Training sessions that qualify for CE credits are available upon request.


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