Truss Plant Expansion Creates a 'Mountain' of Attention

Originally published by: Three Rivers Publishing (Cuba, MO)January 11, 2018

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Mid-MO Truss Company is working on a building addition project at its business property in the Cuba Industrial Park. Excavation work from that project has also helped to create Mount Mid-MO on the property, described as being the “largest pile of black dirt in Crawford County.”

Mid-MO Truss is building a 94-feet by 120-feet lumber storage building with a large outside area for finished trusses. Prior to the start of construction, Dale Jones used a crawler loader to remove topsoil from more than an acre of ground at the work site. Mike Myers hauled limestone gravel onto the site to provide a stable base for the new storage area’s foundation.

After several loads of topsoil were hauled away to gardens belonging to Bob Wilson and Tom Bouse, the remaining topsoil was carefully shaped into two piles adjacent to the building site.

Bob Wilson was so impressed by the dirt piles that he commissioned sign painter Dave Schroyer to paint a new sign that designates the larger pile of dirt as Mount Mid-MO.

After living for more than 50 years on rocky farmland near Cuba, Bob Wilson said such a wealth of black earth was something he has rarely seen in these parts. “Floyd Kitchen and his crew are building the storage building,” said Wilson, “and they told me they augured 56 holes that were two foot in diameter and six foot deep, and they never hit a rock! It’s a Garden of Eden over here!”

The ever-joking Wilson said an armed guard has been hired to watch over Mount Mid-MO 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The sign designating it as Mt. Mid-MO and the elevation of 1,011 feet also denotes that it is the largest pile of black dirt in Crawford County and that any thieves will be shot.

Construction on the storage facility was halted due to winter weather, but is due to resume as soon as the weather permits. Wilson said he expects the job to be complete within a couple of weeks.

When done, the additional storage will allow Mid-MO Truss Company to keep all of their lumber and truss materials under roof and in a more controlled environment that is protected from weather exposure.