CMs to Tackle Rise in Industry's Injury & Illness Rate

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineJanuary 7, 2018


In 2016, the truss manufacturing industry experienced an unusually high rate of work-related injuries and illnesses. In data collected and reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, incident rates in the truss manufacturing industry (just over 10 of every 100 full-time workers) were similar to those of local police forces, and lower than only nursing and veterinary services.

Talk to any SBCA member and it’s clear that there’s no shortage of reasons why people love this industry. Still – fabricating trusses offers many opportunities for injury if safety best practices aren’t followed.

In 2018, the SBCA Safety Committee, which is made up of as many industry newcomers as veterans, is taking steps to help members protect their most valuable asset: their people.

Currently, one subcommittee is reviewing and updating the Operation Safety manual. If you’ve used the program, or if you ever evaluated the program and found it wasn’t a perfect fit for your operation, please let us know your thoughts. SBCA’s goal is to make sure this industry-specific program meets the needs of CMs and is adaptable for unique situations.

The committee is also hoping to collect and report more safety data this year. So keep an eye out for surveys as well as updates on industry trends and regulations. Another goal of the committee for 2018: build a comprehensive library of safety resources, from document templates and case studies to meeting topics and training materials. Watch for updates on this project as it develops, and let us know if there’s a particular resource you’re hoping SBCA can offer.

Finally, the SBCA Safety Committee is dedicated to being a resource for every SBCA member. Whether you’re just starting your safety leadership journey or you’re looking for advice to solve a recurring safety issue in your plant, the individuals below are eager to take your calls and emails, offer ideas and, if needed, bring your concerns to the committee for a strategic discussion. Reach out to a committee member nearby for insight into the issues unique to your region or just to talk through safety ideas and any issues that may not have reached your market yet. Most importantly, stay safe in 2018!

–SBCA Safety Committee

Jason Ward, Committee Chair
California TrusFrame
Rancho Cucamonga, California
951-657-7491 •

Colleen Ketchum
PDJ Components
Chester, New York
845-469-9191 •

John Howlin
Owings, Maryland
301-855-5700 •

Randy Rickels
Shelter Systems Limited
Westminster, Maryland
410-876-3900 •

Ken Shifflett
Ace Carpentry
Manassas, Virginia
703-335-9000 •

Javan Yoder
Stark Truss Company
Canton, Ohio
330-478-2100 •

Jason Fetterley
Grand Rapids, Michigan
616-446-9230 •

Brian Reid
Wood Tech
Byron Center, Michigan
616-455-0800 •

Wendall Whitaker
Big C Lumber Truss & Panel
Dowagiac, Michigan
269-782-5900 •

Jackie Crutcher
Huskey Truss & Building Supply
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
615-890-9410 •

Rick Parrino
Plum Building Systems
Waukee, Iowa
515-978-6269 •

Brett Chessnoe
Villaume Industries
St Paul, Minnesota
651-365-3629 •

Anthony Duel
Builders FirstSource
Wadena, Minnesota
218-631-2607 •

John Faske
Hart Components
San Antonio, Texas
210-304-2496 •



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