Huber Helping Panelizers Streamline Wall Framing

Originally published by: Building Design & ConstructionJanuary 17, 2018

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What do skilled labor shortage and the reemergence of the housing market have in common? Together, they’ve perpetuated the need for higher-quality building standards.

Though multifamily housing starts have leveled off to new norms, they are still in high demand. And, when it comes to wood framed structures, there is still a severe shortage of skilled framers to get the job done right.

Enter panelized wall assemblies. Much like preassembled roof trusses became popular, panelized wall systems are now taking the multifamily nation by storm – saving time on the jobsite while ensuring higher quality construction standards. ZIP System® sheathing and tape is making that process even simpler.

Time Savings

ZIP System sheathing and tape saves time in the assembly line as well as on the jobsite. Because there is no need to apply housewrap to the panels, wall sections only need to move through one assembly line, making the process even more efficient.

All wall segments show up to the jobsite at the same time, clearly marked for easy assembly. For some jobs, panelized wall systems can remove weeks of time from the schedule. Not only does it make the on-site process faster, it helps mitigate installation error - ultimately aiding the skilled labor shortage crisis.

Quality Control

Meeting quality standards also becomes easier when using panelized wall systems. Panelization companies work in controlled environments where weather doesn’t affect the building schedule. Specifications are entered into software to control details, such as stud spacing and proper nail penetrations. Teams are able to conduct quality checks before the product is shipped to the jobsite. Oftentimes, this gives project engineers more confidence that the job is being completed to spec.

When using ZIP System sheathing and tape for panelized wall assemblies, there is even less room for error on the jobsite. While housewrap can blow off of the wall assembly during transit or after framing is complete, the integrated air and water-resistive barrier on ZIP System sheathing and tape stays put, eliminating the need for crews to return to the jobsite for a fix.

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