FrameFAST Eliminates 'Most Dangerous Part of Job'

Originally published by: FastenMasterFebruary 13, 2018

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The FastenMaster team first met East Coast Interiors’ (ECI) framers on a job site in East Boston during the summer of 2017. A turnkey carpentry service with a multifamily building division based out of Warwick, RI, ECI is highly focused on efficiency and safety on their job sites. That’s where FrameFAST, a structural wood framing system from FastenMaster, comes in.

Image result for fastenmaster framefast“Ladders are one of the most dangerous parts of the job,” Mike Nicolet, Site Supervisor said. “With FrameFAST, there were no ladders or nailers being used for truss to top plate connections now.”

After that first meeting, ECI is using FrameFAST on all their builds, including today’s site where they are rebuilding 331 public housing units in Boston’s Orient Heights Complex. The FrameFAST system includes an electric tool and threaded fastener, which together enable the framer to install trusses to top plates while standing at floor level.  This innovative new system is code-compliant in all 50 states and eliminates the need for ladders, hurricane ties, and pneumatic nails.

“We love using the FrameFAST system.  It’s 100% safer because of the elimination of ladders and staging, but it’s also a faster and better method for connecting trusses to the top plate,” said Pat Caldwell, framing division vice president. “The structural engineers that we are working with actually prefer it over the conventional hardware."

FastenMaster has local personnel throughout the US and Canada along with a technical team that together work with engineers and code officials to drive awareness and education.  This collaboration is something Mike sees a lot of value in.

“I especially appreciate that you guys came out to service an existing tool to get us up and running. I also like having one of you here on site to walk through some tips on using the tool makes it even easier for my guys to save time and energy.” Nicolet said.

Mike’s crew sees the added benefit of increased efficiency on the job: “We saved a third of the time compared to how long hurricane ties would normally take us. We want to use it on every project we have.”

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