4 Contractors Tell How CLP Helped Them Stay Under Budget

Originally published by: CLP SystemsFebruary 6, 2018

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If you’re a multifamily wood frame contractor, then you’ve probably experienced the increases on budgets, project timelines, and labor management. Over the past several years, building professionals have looked to innovative solutions to help save time and money. CLP Systems has been a solution to help customers defeat hardware complexity in wood frame buildings by providing easier design, material savings, and quicker installation. Below are 4 success stories of how contractors used CLP Systems to stay under budget.

“When we look for a subcontractor, we think about if they are going to be dependable to deliver the materiel per schedule, will they submit shop drawings based on our conversation in a timely manner so it won’t affect anybody else’s schedule, and are they responsive when it comes to issues that arise or challenges we may face on the project. These are the 3 key things we look for and I know CLP provided that for this project.”
– Yomi Adeyemo, Senior Project Engineer, Juneau Construction






“CLP has the whole package. They deliver us the plans that are engineered from scratch that are very specific to the building with all the specifications that are needed. They have the package all put together for us as far as how many rods and what size rods and all the accessories that go with it. The pre planning aspect as well went very seamless at that point dealing with their engineers and ours.”
– Zane Plumley, Project Superintendent, Winter Park Construction






 “We prefer the rod system because it is much more efficient, user friendly, less error prone, and easier to manage.”
– Keith Rothwell, Senior Vice President, Oxford Properties







“I know that the system is going to be engineered correctly, I know that they will follow up and do what they say they’re going to do, and I know I will get a very competitive price as compared to the traditional system. There is ease of use, quality assurance, the P.E. stamp, and the time savings. It’s just a better system and I don’t see why anyone would want to go the other route.”
– Dwight Alcala, Pre Construction & Project Manager, Oxford Properties

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