Simpson Tests SCS Seismic Bypass Framing Connectors

Originally published by: Simpson Strong-TieDecember 10, 2018

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Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has introduced the SCS seismic bypass framing connector, the first hybrid seismic clip engineered for either slide-clip or fixed-clip applications in high-seismic areas, and the first product of its kind to undergo full-scale cyclic research testing to determine load capacities in real-world conditions.

To determine the in-plane performance of the SCS clips, Simpson Strong-Tie conducted full-scale cyclic testing on the uniaxial shake table at our Tye Gilb Research Laboratory. The results were used to develop a representative component test to determine various combinations of stud/clip in-plane capacities. The testing allowed us to a re-engineer the bypass clip to significantly increase the in-plane capacity.

Correspondingly, the SCS seismic bypass framing connector doubles allowable in-plane load capacities, resulting in curtain walls that strengthen the overall integrity of a structure and perform better during seismic events.

“Everything about the SCS clip, from its heavy-duty 10- and 12-gauge steel manufacturing to its strategically placed darts to the location of its fastener slots and holes, has been engineered to provide exceptional resistance to in-plane seismic loads,” says Simpson Strong-Tie senior product manager Clifton Melcher, P.E. “Before conducting these tests, there was little understanding of how clips act when subjected to in-plane loads, and the resulting value-engineering has enabled Simpson Strong-Tie to provide a solution that delivers the highest seismic loads in the industry.” 

Designed for both slide-clip or fixed-clip applications in areas of high seismic activity, the SCS seismic bypass framing connector is the latest product innovation added to the Simpson Strong-Tie® Complete Connector Solution for cold-formed steel (CFS) commercial curtain-wall, mid-rise and residential construction. Meticulous engineering and exhaustive lab testing have enabled Simpson Strong-Tie to deliver innovative CFS application solutions at lower installed costs to customers.  

Additional features and benefits of the SCS seismic bypass framing connector include the following:  

  • Precision-located ribs that provide enhanced strength while allowing for ductility.
  • Simpson Strong-Tie No-Equal® stamps alongside slide slots to indicate proper screw placement.
  • A dual-function hybrid clip that includes pre-punched slots for slide applications and small, round holes for fixed applications.
  • Slide slots that, when used with shouldered washer screws (included), allow a full 1" of vertical deflection.
  • Multiple anchor options (¼" or ½" concrete screws to concrete, or PAFs or screws to steel).
  • Available in 3½", 6" and 8" lengths.

For more information on the SCS seismic bypass framing connector, visit or call (800) 999-5099.

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