RESNET Director Outlines Building Efficiency Goals

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineDecember 5, 2018
by Sean Shields


Ryan Myers, program director for RESNET, recently outlined his top priorities for 2019 in an interview with Edward Keegan.  According to the resulting article, Myers most important responsibility is to increase the number of HERS-rated homes in the U.S. above the current level of 200,000.

Here are a few key initiatives Myers outlined to achieve that goal:

“…get HERS index scores into real estate listings by educating appraisers to recognize the value of HERS-rated homes.

…move toward performance-based codes, noting that the prescriptive path has developed to a point where it’s difficult to get efficiency gains across the board.

…developing a whole-house water efficiency rating with RESNET, which will be an ANSI standard when it’s finished.”

Ultimately, Meres states ratings systems like HERS are a useful tool for builders and designers.

“The projected HERS rating is based on plans and specs,” Meres explains. “We can provide different solutions than the builder may have thought of—by switching out windows or using a different kind of insulation to achieve the same R-value.”