Alpine Releases ALS 4.0 Wall Panel Printing System

Originally published by: Alpine, an ITW CompanyApril 2, 2018

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Alpine announces immediate availability of its ALS 4.0 Wall Panel Printing System, enabling owners of Alpine’s 4.0 Linear Saw to upgrade its printing system for marking wall panel information on the edge of a board.

“Adding a wall panel printer to an ALS 4.0 is an easy way to add flexibility to the saw and add speed and quality to wall panel assembly lines. The speed of the ALS 4.0 is not compromised by the addition of the printer and the additional markings will aid assembly,” said Elizabeth Lisiecki, Business Manager, Equipment at Alpine.

Positive Customer Impact

Customers will benefit from installing the new printer in several ways. The printer is designed to mark the edges of the boards with all necessary information for wall panel assembly. Markings include: Studs, Cripples, Flat Bottoms and Flat Tops. Customers will save considerable time in their production process by eliminating the need for hand marking of plates and allowing the ALS 4.0 to automate the process. Adding markings to the wall plates reduces the need for measuring and leads to a better-quality product.

The wall panel marking printer leverages new printer control technology in its dedicated control system. This allows the printer to work independently from the standard face printer, maintaining the ALS 4.0’s original speed.

The addition of this printer will bring flexibility to a production setting, allowing the same saw to be used efficiently for trusses and wall panels.

April 2, 2018 Availability

The design of the Alpine ALS 4.0 Wall Panel Printer was driven by customer feedback and is part of Alpine’s commitment to deliver highly-engineered products to increase plant efficiency and productivity.


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