Ruede Takes Lead on SBCA-TPI Association Alignment

Originally published by the following source: Mike Ruede, on behalf of the SBCA Executive Committee — September 11, 2017


After last week’s letter from SBCA president Jack Dermer, there have been questions circulating essentially asking, ‘what the heck is going on?’ This past week, I’ve spoken with Maged Diab and Steve Cabler of MiTek, Kevin Kraft and Michael Schwitter of Alpine, Tom Whatley and Baird Quisenberry of Eagle, Wayne Massengill of Cherokee and April Burt of Simpson. In each of those conversations, I’ve further explained SBCA’s reasoning behind our suggested realignment.

The Executive Committee of  SBCA and the Board of TPI agree the relationship between our two organizations needs to be realigned. To that end we’ve established a task group, which will meet in Atlanta on September 28 and formulate the roadmap to realignment. The task group consists of Jack Dermer, Greg Griggs, myself, Steve Cabler, Michael Schwitter, Baird Quisenberry, Mike Cassidy and Kirk Grundahl. The task group will begin with a clean slate and define specific roles, tasks and responsibilities for each organization in order to best serve the structural building component industry.

SBCA and TPI both agree that our associations have grown apart and have focused on many of the same things, duplicating effort without achieving the desired result. The sole focus of the realignment will be to improve our collective ability to enhance component manufacturers’ (CM) businesses and help them increase their market share. The goal is to have the realignment process finalized before the beginning of BCMC in October so that when we come together in Omaha we can promote a unified voice and clear path for the components industry.

What will realignment mean? In a nutshell, CMs directing their scope of work. Specifically, using lumber and plates to design and manufacture the components that become the roofs, walls and floors for millions of homes and businesses. We sincerely believe it is the CM’s role to provide strong leadership in all areas of our business. While truss plates are the grandfather of our industry, and the software that has been developed is an important calculation tool, it is the blood and sweat of CMs that have built and sold every component.

SBCA’s incoming president, Jim Finkenhoefer, recently shared a good analogy for our industry involving Rawlings Sporting Goods. Rawlings is the exclusive supplier of baseballs to Major League Baseball.  As a consequence, they provide an essential, high-quality tool that is intended to help players be as successful as they can be while playing the game.  Without their baseball it would be hard to play the game, but that doesn’t mean Rawlings gets to define how baseball gets played. The analogy is obvious, right?

If anyone has questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at A-1 Roof Trusses at 772-801-9162 or email me at I also want to invite any CM wanting to know more to call into the full SBCA Board Meeting teleconference this Friday (for call-in information, please email Tessa Smelzer).  We look forward to your input as we work towards a better component industry for all. 

Michael Ruede, Executive Committee Member & Past President, A-1 Roof Trusses, 772-801-9162

On behalf of the SBCA Executive Committee:

Jack Dermer, President, American Truss, 281-782-9960    

James C. Finkenhoefer, President Elect/Treasurer, True House dba Truss Systems, 770-402-9823

Greg Griggs, Secretary, Builders FirstSource, 770-659-6045         

Jess Lohse, Immediate Past President, Rocky Mountain Truss, 406-945-1491

Joseph D. Hikel, Executive Committee Member & Past President, Shelter Systems Limited, 410-984-6902   

Steve Stroder, Executive Committee Member & Past President, California TrusFrame, 951-287-9499   

Scott Ward, Executive Committee Member & Past President, Southern Components, 318-470-8391