Hurricane Irma Provides Real-World Test of QuickTie System

Originally published by: QuickTie SystemsSeptember 21, 2017

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The QuickTie system has been tested in full-scale wall uplift tests providing a higher level of confidence in system performance than systems where only individual system components have been tested.

The primary component of the QuickTie, the wire rope, is subjected to considerable testing to assure that the performance characteristics are completely understood and established. Cables are tested for:

  • Strength
  • Elastic force/stretch characteristics
  • Inelastic constructive stretch and relaxation characteristics

Furthermore, swaged samples of the wire rope/swage assembly are tested regularly as part of our quality control program.

Since every QuickTie is pre-stressed to approximately 130% of its design service load (under hurricane conditions), they are 100 % “proof” tested. This assures the structural integrity of the wire rope/swage and also the epoxy anchorage of the stud end in the concrete foundation.

Our projects are proof too! That’s why, when in the path of a storm like IRMA, QuickTie is the strongest, even in the strongest wind speeds!

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