Focused on Youth: CM Promotes Industry's Innovative Side

Originally published by: SBCAOctober 16, 2017

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As SBCA focuses on the ongoing development of leaders, we will be introducing members of the emerging leaders committee through articles in Industry News and social media posts. Look for these individuals at the BCMC show in Omaha – hosting the Casino Game Night on Tuesday evening, leading some of the educational sessions on Wednesday morning and welcoming conversation in SBCA’s booth on the show floor. Take a few minutes to learn more about their experiences in the industry and the value they find in participating in SBCA.

Watching his father, Larry, struggle to keep his truss plant running during the recession made Jared Dix question whether he wanted anything to do with the family business. Yet, once the industry bounced back and Jared found himself looking to start a career, he decided the industry actually looked like a lot of fun and also needed some youthful perspective.

When he looks back at the last two and a half years, he finds the close relationships one of the most rewarding parts of the business. “Being part of the work family, at Apex, we have a very tight knit group who have been with the company for a long time. There is nothing better than getting to work with a team who has all the same goals in mind while accomplishing a task,” Jared says.

One thing Jared is passionate about is bringing more young people into the component manufacturing industry. To that end, Jared and Larry started a website called Truss Tales, to share the innovative, technology-centered approaches being adopted throughout the industry.  When Jared approaches young people about the industry, he has some pretty sage advice, “Don’t just follow money, follow a company or person who truly cares about you and the industry as a whole. Make sure you’re with a good company. In any industry or career, this is the most important thing.”

Getting tied into the work of SBCA has also paid dividends to Jared and his company. Through SBCA events, Jared says, “I have been introduced to some real world changers. When you can meet the right people and really try to get to know them, there’s nothing you can’t do. I already have a list of people I can call when I have a problem or a question. The most surprising part is that when I call these people, I ALWAYS get an answer. It has opened me up to a team of allies who all want me to succeed.”

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