WA’s Sustainable Construction Program Exceeds Expectations

Originally published by: Built GreenNovember 14, 2017

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Built Green is excited to share its recent study, the largest of its kind. The study compared actual electricity use in homes certified by Built Green and non-certified homes. The results revealed that in some cases, Built Green homes were twice as efficient as predicted! As a result, dwellers in Built Green homes can save over $500 per year in electricity bills and prevent over half a ton of carbon emissions per home.

The study was done by Built Green in conjunction with Seattle's Department of Construction and Inspections and Seattle City Light. Review of the study was conducted by the environmental consulting firm Rushing. The study is unique because researchers had access to large-scale residential electricity use data provided by the electric utility, Seattle City Light. Built Green obtained data for all single-family and townhomes built in Seattle in 2014 and analyzed 746 of the homes, comparing their modeled expectations with their actual electricity use.

The results show that Built Green homes are not only meeting their expectations but exceeding them! For all details, read the report in full. The following infographic provides a quick summary: