Avoid Fines Later, Promote “Stop & Fix” Mentality

Originally published by: National Framers CouncilMay 23, 2017

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With its mission of “Work safely. Go home safely.” at the forefront, the National Framers Council (NFC) designed the FrameSAFE manual as a tool to help framers achieve the goal of providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. NFC’s safety committee recently created two safety awareness checklists to help FrameSAFE subscribers educate their Employees and foster a culture of safety on their jobsites. The goal of the Stop & Fix Checklist and the Safety Awareness Audit Checklist is to ensure that action is taken to correct safety infractions as quickly as possible, and that in some cases work is halted while the situation is corrected.

“The Stop & Fix Checklist really puts an end to a frustration that safety conscious crew leaders have been dealing with for a very long time,” explained NFC Executive Director Chris Tatge who is also a co-owner of Dynamic Construction in Madison, Wisconsin. “I personally get very upset when I walk onto a jobsite and see a hazard that my guys have been walking past all day. Stop & Fix sets a standard and makes everyone aware there's an expectation to take care of these issues immediately.”

“I think the Safety Awareness Audit is a very easy tool to use,” Tatge also remarked. “It allows the auditor to work from a comprehensive set of standards. Over time, it’s use will also help educate the framing crew about safety expectations every time an audit is performed.”

For NFC safety committee member David Klatzkin of Hull Associates in Grand Prairie, Texas, these checklists are all about ongoing training. “My plan is to review them with all our field personnel as part of training both before the job starts and during the job, as well as re-training with the subs as needed,” he explains.  “I’m also thinking about laminating the Stop & Fix and posting it at the top of each job built ladder as a daily safety reminder to everyone each time they climb the ladders to go to work.”

If your safety program needs an infusion of clarity and common sense, check out FrameSAFE, NFC’s easy-to-use, bilingual safety program. Visit the website for details or contact staff.

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