QuickTie's Cable Tie Down Systems Are Straightforward to Install

Originally published by: QuickTieJune 13, 2017

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​QuickTie is a patented cable tie down system that is easy to install and cost effective. The cable is installed after the building is framed and the roof is sheathed. It is flexible and can be angled inside the stud bay up to 8” per floor. The cable is stretched (no special tools needed, just a box wrench to tighten the nut) to compensate for building compression and lumber shrinkage. There are no loose nuts or cupped straps. In fact QuickTie eliminates all floor to floor strapping and most header strapping. Also all the cumbersome hold down parts are replaced by an easily installed cable. See more illustrations on these products here.



For more information and to see why QuickTie is “stronger in the storm” go to our website www.quicktiesystems.com.

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