Video: Magni & Romastor Jointly Develop Rotating Forklift

Originally published by: Paramount EquipmentJuly 3, 2017

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A successful collaboration has started between Magni Telescopic Handlers and ROMASTOR, a manufacturer of a special rotating forks. ROMASTOR has developed and produced a fork that can rotate continually through 360 degrees(horizontally) to the left and to the right; this fork, with a total weight of just 630 kg, has a stunning lifting capacity of 2.500 kg and provides a super efficient maneuvering and handling and can also be optionally equipped with an hydraulic fork spreaders/positioners.

This attachment can be easily fitted on Magni machines and works through our software without needing any modification of the machine or of the program.; moreover this fork has a TÜV certification and is tested and approved to work on our machines. It also has a CE-

certificate, and conforms to the Machinery Directive (94/37/EC).
The ROMASOTR fork provides a very easy and effective system to spare time, costs and handling space; in fact it reduces fuel cost of a 20%, decreases work times and handling spaces thanks to the rotation.
To conclude we would like to say that we are very positively impressed with this attachment and that we are glad to propose this special fork within our attachments range.

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