New Alabama Law Allows Plumbers to Install Sprinklers

Originally published by: Trussville Tribute (Alabama)July 12, 2017

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Center Point Fire District  Captain Brandon Self today published a press release expressing his pleasure with Gov. Kay Ivey’s decision to sign into law House Bill 66.

According to Self, the bill was introduced by the Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs with support from the State of Alabama Fire Marshal’s Office and other key fire service organizations throughout the state.

The bill will allow plumbers, who have been certified, to install residential sprinkler systems.

“Prior to the bill, only sprinkler contractors were allowed by law to install residential sprinklers,” Self stated. “This was a problem because commercial sprinkler contractors were not a cost-effective option for residential installations. Now it will be more feasible for home builders and homeowners to have residential sprinkler systems installed.”

The press release further stated “Every minute is crucial during a residential structure fire. Modern homes burn at a much faster rate than the vintage homes of yesterday. Modern building materials and building practices are factors. It is possible that a home can become fully engulfed by flames in a matter of 3-5 minutes.”

“Houses burn so fast now. Any safety measure we can take against this reality is a positive thing,” Self stated.

The press release also brought attention to Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention, a statewide campaign created by the Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs  to reduce fire fatalities in Alabama. Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention notes that the State of Alabama is in the top three for fire fatalities per capita each year.

“House Bill 66 is a step in the right direction”, Self said.

House Bill 66 can be found at: