LP's Durable SmartSide Siding Now Has Hail Warranty

Originally published by: LPMay 11, 2017

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Builders and remodelers use LP SmartSide treated engineered wood siding with confidence because it has advanced durability. It’s now also warranted for hail damage.

In 2015, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, 5,411 major hailstorms were reported. These storms occurred in all 48 continental states. With this much severe weather across the country, hail-resistant siding can be a huge selling point for builders and remodelers in marketing to consumers.

Texas Tech Testing – Better Hail Resistance than Fiber Cement and Vinyl

Laboratory tests illustrate the durability of LP SmartSide products. In testing conducted at the National Wind Institute’s Debris Impact Facility at Texas Tech University®, LP SmartSide lap siding resisted hail damage better than comparable fiber cement or vinyl siding:

  • LP SmartSide siding showed no signs of impact after being struck by 1.75-inch hail at 81 mph.
  • Fiber cement siding showed dents ranging from 0.082 inches to 0.201 inches deep after being struck by 1.75-inch hail at 74 mph.
  • Vinyl siding was fractured by hail of just 1.25 inches at 57 mph.

"With vinyl and fiber cement siding there's a greater risk of hail damage than with LP SmartSide engineered wood lap siding. The advanced durability gained through our proprietary SmartGuard® process helps resist hail damage," said Rick Marsh, segment manager, repair and remodeling (R&R), LP SmartSide Trim & Siding.

In addition, LP SmartSide products are pre-primed, and with lap siding pieces 25 percent longer and up to 39 percent lighter (per ft2) than fiber cement, installation can be easier and more efficient. With the skilled labor shortage, that’s critical.

Smart Savings With LP SmartSide Siding

Builders and remodelers can make the switch to engineered wood siding in three simple steps by going to switchtolpsmartside.com. See details about a first-time user rebate.

Home Improvement and Hail – Kickoff to National Home Improvement Month

Spring and summer are the peak time when consumers make home improvements for all types of reasons. These are also the primary hail months. May is National Home Improvement Month and can be a good time for remodelers to educate consumers about exterior home improvement, including hail-resistant siding.

In addition to offering its impact and hail-resistant siding, LP helps homeowners locate local remodelers who are part of the LP BuildSmart Preferred Contractor Program and request quotes for LP SmartSide siding, all at www.upsidetosmartside.com.

“The LP BuildSmart Program provides our preferred contractors with comprehensive training on the proper installation of LP SmartSide products,” Marsh said.

Comprehensive Warranty

LP SmartSide products are also backed by a 50-year prorated limited warranty with a 5-year 100-percent labor and material replacement warranty. See www.lpsmartside.com for complete warranty details.

For more information about LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, call toll-free 888.820.0325 or visit www.lpsmartside.com. For more information about the LP BuildSmart Preferred Contractor program call 866.389.4657 or visit www.lpbuildsmart.com or www.upsidetosmartside.com.


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