QuickTie Explores the Benefits of 'Pre-Stressing' Connectors

Originally published by: QuickTie SystemsJanuary 6, 2017

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This simple system of steel cable and connectors pre-stresses the wood structure. Because the wire stretches, it can be “pre-stressed” to produce zero movement and compensate for building settling and long term wood shrinkage. Shrinkage and movement are a common problem in wood framed buildings; a problem which the old method of straps and threaded anchors simply do not address. When the building is exposed to dead loads as it is being built, deflections develop in these products, creating a “loose” load path to the foundation. Loose structural connectors allow movement which causes the building to be “pulled apart” until these parts become tight during high winds. This movement is also one of the major contributors to drywall and stucco cracks and bowing trim. QuickTies do not need to be secured nor require take-up devices at each floor.

QuickTies are flexible and elastic. By pre-stressing to a design load for 90-170 mph winds, QuickTies are designed to allow zero movement until the forces applied (wind or seismic) reach the pre-stress load. That’s why QuickTies keep your home “Stronger in the Storm.” They simply cinch the wood frame to its foundation! QuickTies are easy to inspect. At installation, the pre-stress load exceeds the design load; therefore “proof-testing” each QuickTie when installed, and not during the storm!

Installation is simple and fast:


Quick Tie Products, Inc. is a privately held company specializing in its own brand of proprietary high wind and seismic tie down systems for wood framed and masonry construction. The company is based in Jacksonville, Florida, and has been in business since September 1999.

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