Disagreements Arise Over Fire-Protection of Steel Floor Assemblies

The Engineering News-Record recently published an article exposing the ways steel groups are at odds with fire-protection-materials interests over code compliance for structural-steel floor assemblies. As the article states:

“Revisions to UL Design No. D982 in the UL Fire Resistance Directory, based on recent fire tests, have heated up long-standing differences between structural-steel interests and fire-protection suppliers and installers about the amount of sprayed-on fire-protection material needed for structural-steel floor assemblies.”

In essence, the American Institute of Steel Construction and the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) sponsored the UL 263 tests and are using the resulting data to argue structural steel assemblies only need half the customary fire-protection.  However, fire-protection suppliers do not agree with this assertion.

Click here to read a republished version of this article in the February issue of the Steel Framing Alliance’s Framework Online.