You’ve Been Counting Costs, but Are You Wasting Work?

Originally published by: Sundial SoftwareOctober 7, 2016

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A new option in labor tracking software enters the market next month at the Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC). Steve Farroh of Sundial Software, one of more than a dozen first-time exhibitors at the show, will be offering demos of labor-cost tracking software custom-designed for those running a component manufacturing plant.

“Labor is one of the highest costs of running a truss plant,” said Farroh, “and most people don’t know what it is!” Farroh spent 35 years in the components industry, 20 as the owner of two successful truss plants. When he couldn’t find a time and labor tracking software that would give him a clear picture of where his labor dollars were going and what his crew was capable of producing, he built his own.

Even though Farroh sold his truss plants to pursue an encore career in software development, he stuck to his priority: creating an easy-to-use punch clock system for employees that gives managers all the data and analytical tools they need. Sundial Software lets managers go beyond stopwatches to micromanage costs, not their production crews. With clean dashboards showing employee productivity as well as real-time and schedulable reports, managers can see how payroll dollars are distributed across jobs, understand the strengths and weaknesses of their operations, and focus on increasing efficiency rather than maintaining complex spreadsheets to track the numbers they need.

Sundial is unique in that it is a perfect-fit program for a truss plant, with component manufacturers’ resources and priorities in mind. The time card side of the program is simple, letting production staff focus on their jobs, not on the time clock. The program is light-weight and web-based, so it can run alongside saw software, on computers discarded from the design department, or on the smart phones and tablets of out-of-office sales and executive staff.

Most importantly, the program is designed to help component manufacturers pick profitable projects. “If you’re going to pass on a job,” Farroh explains, “pass on a job you’re not going to make money on.”

For details on how Sundial Software can help you track jobs, assess the productivity of each station and employee, focus training and incentives to increase productivity, and increase your profit margins, stop by BCMC booth #1012 for a demo or contact Steve today!