For an 'ICC Report,' What Value Does Sealed Engineering Have?

There are many terms used for ‘product evaluation reports’ or ‘technical evaluations.’ For example, a generic statement typically heard in the marketplace today is, “you need to have an ICC report.” This implies that if you have an "ICC report," everything is fine and all product evaluation or construction defect risk is covered.  

What is also commonly misunderstood is asking for an “ICC report” really means you are asking for a technical evaluation created by one of more than 80 organizations that are ANSI ISO/IEC 17065 accredited product certification bodies. This includes such organizations as ICC-ESIAPMOUnderwriters Laboratories and others.

The best construction-oriented ANSI ISO/IEC 17065 accredited product certification bodies(link is external) are accredited in a broad range of engineering and construction categories, including but not limited to the following listing:

     93.010 Civil engineering

     13.220 Protection against Fire     

     91.040 Buildings

     91.060 Elements of buildings

     91.080 Structures of buildings

     91.100 Construction materials

     21.060 Fasteners

     77.140 Iron And Steel Products

     79 Wood Technology

     83 Rubber and Plastics Industries

Another important consideration may be whether the accredited product certification body takes responsibility for their engineering work by signing and sealing their evaluation reports. 

Many certification bodies that employ professional engineers are certainly able to do so. This is important because it means the certification body takes engineering responsibility for all work done and provides professional liability insurance coverage.

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