Wall Panel Equipment Mfr. Triad Appoints New Sales Head

Originally published by: Merrick Machine CompanyJune 3, 2016

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Dan Mowers, General Manager of Merrick Machine Company has named Lowell Tuma as the National Sales Manager of Triad/Ruvo.  Triad manufactures wall panel equipment for wood/steel framing and stair equipment along with Ruvo providing millwork and pre-hung door equipment to the construction industry.

“With the addition of Lowell’s vast knowledge and past experience in the industry and the well balanced team for support, Triad/Ruvo is excited to continue broadening our equipment line while serving the needs of our customers through our independent sales organization led by Lowell” said Mowers.

Lowell previously worked for Merrick Machine from 2001 through 2011 in machinery sales.  He began his career at Merrick as the Assistant Sales Manager and was quickly promoted to National Sales Manager. In 2011 Lowell relocated his family to California and became an independent sales representative for Merrick Machine.   

“Merrick Machine is constantly developing new innovative ideas for the industry and revolutionizing the way equipment is built.” stated Tuma. “I am proud to lead this team and together we are excited to roll up our sleeves and continue to push Triad/Ruvo forward.”

For 55 years Triad has been the leading manufacturer of automated, semi-automated and manual wall panel equipment, sub-component and floor building equipment as well as the fully-automated CNC controlled Stair Boss, and revolutionary Open Stringer Saw (OSS).  No matter if you are a high volume, or low volume operation, Triad has the experience you need and the right answers to help you grow.  For questions please feel free to call 800-568-7423 (ext. 126).