MiTek Develops Load-Transferring Valley Truss Tie

Originally published by: MiTek Industries, Inc.January 13, 2016

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MiTek® today announced the release of a new product from the MiTek Builder Products division. Focused on creating efficient and optimized wood framing, the new “VTT” Valley Truss Tie is an 18-gauge, G90 galvanized steel tie that transfers loads from a valley truss into the supporting structure below.

The VTT resists the sliding forces created from downward loads when the valley truss is set upon a sloped lower roof.  This ability to resist the sliding force eliminates the need for support wedges traditionally used under the valley truss bottom chord.  It also eliminates the need for “special order” valley roof trusses that would need to be manufactured with a bevel-cut bottom chord.

The VTT has double-dimple nail holes that assure all nails are driven in at the correct angle into the supporting member every time. It also features a flat design that requires no “field bending” to match the supporting roof pitch.

 For ease of installation, the VTT has prong teeth that help hold the VTT in place for nailing.  The VTT accommodates supporting roof pitches from 0/12 to 12/12. (Pitch guide embossments allow attachment to valley truss on ground.)


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