Integrated Stealth Introduces New Auto-Jig Table

Originally published by: Integrated StealthJanuary 6, 2016

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Integrated Stealth Technology is pleased to introduce its new, patent-pending Auto-Jig tables.  Our versatile design provides you with the ability, with minimal changeover, to adapt your Auto-Jigging center lines to your specific engineering needs. This is accomplished by having our tables set up in a centerline format to increase your table’s flexibility.

With these features you can create a 24-, 32-, 40- or 48-inch centerline for Auto-Jigging on your table and reduce your costs with less Auto-Jigging, with the ease of undoing a few bolts and repositioning the Auto-Jigging assembly. You will never again have to burn out your tables to change your centerlines. We also reconstruct our competitors’ tables to your centerline needs. The ease and versatility of this system will enhance your plants production times, reducing your labor costs and leading to a better bottom line. You cannot afford to miss a closer look at this system.

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