4D BIM? Cadsoft Integrates Software with Virtual Reality

Originally published by: AECC CafeJanuary 15, 2016

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Cadsoft Corporation introduced their Envisioneer software’s integration with revolutionary virtual reality (VR) technology at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas on January 19-21. Builders and homeowners alike were blown away by the potential of this technology, allowing them to truly experience a space, at full scale, before it is built.

The technology is still very new and the ways people will find to push its potential are widely unknown, but for the home builder, two advantages are immediately obvious. The first is during the design process – the designer is able to walk through a space, and quickly make changes as issues are discovered. Unlike virtual reality add-ons, Envisioneer software has VR as part of the workflow, which means no exporting and very little loading time. The second advantage is the potential as a sales tool – there is no longer a need for expensive show rooms or model homes. With a simple, customizable model, builders can give prospective clients the ability to walk through a home with the exact features they select. This will allow homeowners to be an informed part of the decision making process – making one of their life’s biggest purchases an exciting one instead of stressful.

Kevin Schmitter, the lead developer for virtual reality at Cadsoft says, “When worn, the Rift can give the 
user the feeling of actually being present in whatever experience they’ve chosen. This is incredibly useful for home design, as the designers and clients can experience the home and feel the scale and space in a way that simply isn’t conveyed by looking at images, all while being able to quickly make changes to the home design in response to their experiences.”

Cadsoft will be releasing VR mode with V12 of Envisioneer in July, shortly after Oculus Rift’s anticipated shipping dates. Visitors to the tradeshow booth, #C2553, will get the first public chance to try VR mode in Envisioneer. The experience will come complete with comfortable chairs and noise cancelling headphones to truly transport them away from the tradeshow floor and into the space.

To find more information on Cadsoft and VR mode see: http://www.cadsoft.com/VR

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