New Technical Symposium Expands Training & CEU Opportunities

SBCA is an ICC Preferred Education Provider and an AIA Continuing Education System Provider. SBCA’s seminars and webinars are a valuable source for continuing education units (CEUs) for design professionals (component designers, architects and engineers) and building officials. This is particularly important given that as of July 1st, 50 percent of the CEUs required for certification renewal must come from ICC or an ICC Preferred Provider.

SBCA has several options for CEU-qualified training:

SBCA Workshop Series

The SBCA Workshop Series is designed to be an efficient way for the market to get valuable, structural building component industry-specific information. Held monthly, the online meeting format means anyone can access these educational sessions without leaving the office. In addition, there are several recordings of past workshops that can be accessed to receive CEUs.

“I came away from the workshop with several valuable points that I plan on implementing this year - thank you.”  Craig Anderson, Trussworthy Components.

SBCA’s Technical Symposium

The SBCA Technical Symposia are a new information and training series that will focus on design and installation best practices and explore SBCA’s step-by-step guidance on how to implement key facets in a typical construction project. Given that the products that SBCA members produce are steeped in engineering, the issues covered will be focused on practices that make the engineering come alive.  The first workshop will be held on Wednesday, August 31, and will cover attaching deck ledgers to floor trusses. We’ll continue to cover key structural framing market specific issues and certainly if you have feedback on a topic you’d like us to cover SBCA staff will tackle it.

Truss Knowledge Online

SBCA’s Truss Knowledge Online website allows component manufacturers to train anyone, anytime, anywhere with flexible online courses.

Local Education Opportunities

For anyone wanting to offer a local training for CEU’s, SBCA can help.  Contact Trish Kutz at for more information.

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