Is the Labor Shortage Affecting You?

Originally published by: CLP SystemsApril 1, 2016

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Labor shortage has been no stranger to the construction industry and all though there are discussions and new organizations to educate future professionals in the framing business, contractors are needing help now. Over the past five years, the trend of labor shortage has grown to create problems and delays for contractors who are trying to keep up with the demand of wood-frame multi-family living. While there is a greater focus and effort to find long term solutions to the labor shortage in the U.S., there is still a great need for skilled laborers in the meantime. So what can you do to insure that these continuing affects no longer dictate your success?

The immediate solution is to find better and more efficient products to install.

One such innovation and product in the marketplace is the continuous rod system for lateral holdowns. Because of the labor consuming time it takes to install conventional hardware on projects, contractors are looking to the more efficient and easier to install threaded rod system.

As the industry leader of threaded rod tie-downs, CLP Systems offers multiple ways for your project to be as stress free and cost efficient as possible when it comes to framing and installation.

The CLP System requires less material and is installed faster than conventional hardware which is helpful during the current labor shortage. The system is installed from the inside of the building and helps with safety as well as productivity. The rods are pre-cut to the length of the wall height and are designed specifically for your individual project. The system is hand tightened and helps cut down on human error. The only tools that are needed are a drill, drill bits, and a ladder. It doesn’t get easier than that.

On the other hand, conventional hardware has high material cost and either requires a basket lift along with access to the outside of the structure or stacking of studs to align on the inside of the structure. The straps are required to be nailed off on the top half and then nailed off on the bottom after the building has been loaded. This adds unnecessary steps to the installation process and can easily put you behind on your project deadlines. 

Aside from saving you time and money, the CLP system also helps with the structural integrity of the building by providing take-up devices to maintain the tension on the rods as the building settles and shifts over its lifespan. Conventional hardware does not provide a solution for this kind of settlement.

By choosing the CLP System, you are improving multiple scopes of your project. Take the next step towards success and partner with CLP Systems on your next project! 

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