You Need an ICC-ES Report. Really? Being on the ANSI 17065 List is the True Answer

Originally published by: DrJOctober 15, 2015

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Over the past several months, DrJ Engineering has set a strong foundation of product certification and professional engineering support for our customers. This began with our work with ANSI (See 17065 List) to become one of the first ISO/IEC 17065 accredited product certification organizations, as opposed to Guide 65. Learn more about DrJ’s Scope of Accreditation and what sets us apart from ICC-ES, IAPMO,
We embrace the concept that your market development is enhanced by early sales and product use, which facilitates “pilot project” type product refinements. DrJ’s goal has always been to be a full service support system through 17065 accreditation and sealed engineering. This meets market needs better and facilitates more robust business growth.
A unique feature of DrJ Technical Evaluation Reports (TERs) is that DrJ provides real time evaluation report changes to match evolving market information needs. If you find a question that needs to be addressed right away, we can generally add it to our TER in the next couple of days at the longest. If the need is urgent, we usually meet the need the same day.  
Our goal is to be an asset to help with a streamlined path for specifier adoption and local building official approval.

A key advantage in working with DrJ is signed and sealed professional engineering. It is common knowledge that product evaluations that are sealed are easier for other design professionals to adopt as specialty product engineering. These sealed specialty engineered documents are also straightforward for building officials to approve. The building code compliance laws are intended to foster alternative product use via ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation. DrJ provides this and an engineer’s seal, intending to foster an additional level of responsibility and professional engineering authority through professional engineering laws. 

We hope you will find DrJ to be a unique entrepreneurial product certification company. Our motto is to fully support an innovative and evolving construction environment through signing, sealing and delivering your product to the market, assisted through our product certification TER services.
Please call us (608-310-6726) any time to discuss how we can help you with your engineering and product/market development needs.

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