MiTek Develops Color-Coded Pneumatic Gun 'TECO' Nails

Originally published by: MiTek USAOctober 1, 2015

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MiTek today announced that it has launched its new brand of pneumatic, collated gun nails, called MiTek TECO.

The MiTek TECO collated nails have a color-coded and headstamping identification system that identifies the nails’ length and diameter, before and after installation.

This unique color-coding and head-stamping identification system allows a building inspector, or installer, to determine that the right nail has been used when installing MiTek products, without having to remove a nail for inspection. Additionally, engineers who need to ensure that the right nails are used as specified can survey a jobsite and determine proper fastener selections by simply looking at nail colors and head stamps.

The head stamps and color-coded identification system for MiTek TECO™ nails provide “at a glance” inspection of nails on the jobsite.

The MiTek TECO identification system is simple:

Bright nails. MiTek TECO bright nails feature a color to indicate the nail length and a numeric head stamp to indicate the nail diameter. The color purple indicates a 1-1/2” nail, and the color blue indicates a 2-1/2” nail. For head stamps, a #3 indicates a 0.131 inch diameter, a #4 indicates a 0.148 inch diameter, and a #6 indicates 0.162 inch diameter.

Hot-dip galvanized nails. MiTek TECO hot-dip galvanized nails feature a letter stamp on the head to indicate length (A = 1-1/2” and E = 2-1/2”) along with the numeric head stamp to identify the nail diameter.

Available in “bright,” hot-dip galvanized, or stainless steel, MiTek TECO nails can be installed with the majority of the popular 33-degree paper tape pneumatic nail guns (plus or minus 2 degrees). MiTek TECO nails are manufactured in lengths of 1½ or 2½ inches, in diameters of 0.131”, 0.148”, and 0.168”.

MiTek TECO nails are certified by ASTM F1667 (ASTM A153), and have been evaluated by ICC-ESR 3768 - 2015 & 2012 IRC/IBC.

MiTek Builder Products division will sell and represent the product nationally. “MiTek TECO nails allow for easier, more accurate, fastener selection for framers, so they always get the right nail the first time,” said Brent Kreutzer, MiTek TECO brand manager. “Now, with MiTek TECO, we offer a dramatic improvement in the way that nails are identified in the field, lessening the chance for error and making the inspection process easier.”

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