Map: How Many Framing Contractors Are in Your Market?

Originally published by: ProSales MagazineMay 22, 2015

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New data from the Census Bureau shows which states have the highest number of framing contractors, and how many of those establishments keep inventory. We pulled numbers from the government’s 2012 Economic Census to create a map that highlights how many framing contractors are in each state. Results from a census typically take several years to get processed for state and local numbers; the numbers above were released in April.

What did we learn? California, New York, and Florida all come out on top, while Hawaii, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia sit at the bottom. Across the board, the majority of companies do not keep an inventory on hand. In fact, for most states, more than half of the framing companies reported keeping no inventory. For example, 778 of the 905 businesses in California, 708 of the 811 businesses in New York, and 620 of the 736 businesses in Florida do not have inventory.

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