Tools for Success: NFC's FrameSAFE Safety Program

Originally published by: National Framers CouncilJune 3, 2015

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The National Framers Council (NFC) is pleased to announce the completion of the FrameSAFE Safety Program. Based on the NFC’s commitment to ensuring that all workers go home safely every day, FrameSAFE was designed to take the guesswork out of safety and standardize the process for framers across the country.

This bilingual, OSHA-compliant program, was developed by Professional Framers to help you manage and control safety among your workforce. FrameSAFE is a user-friendly program that will help you meet your OSHA requirements and contractual obligations with minimal effort through easy-to-understand training materials. The FrameSAFE program includes the following:

1.       Electronic pdf files of:

a.       Bilingual (English/Spanish) Safety Manual Template, which covers General safety, Accident investigation, Personal safety, Fall protection, Jobsite equipment and Power operated hand tools. (A hardbound three-ring binder is available at a cost of $50 per binder.)

b.      35 Bilingual (English/Spanish) Toolbox Talks designed to coincide with each section of the safety manual to be used as supplemental training for your employee.

c.       Orientation Checklist (available in English/Spanish) to be used at the beginning of each new project.

d.      21 Bilingual (English/Spanish) Safety Posters to reinforce safety message visually throughout the jobsite.

e.      A Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan Template to be customized on an as-needed.

2.       New materials as they become available, including:

a.       Additional Toolbox Talks (52+ when complete)

b.      Additional Safety Posters

c.       Activity Hazard Analysis Templates

Consider the following benefits to your Company by using the FrameSAFE safety program:

  • An OSHA-compliant safety program designed specifically for the framing industry will standardize safety training among Professional Framers across the country.
  • The program is easy to use and understand – the graphical English/Spanish layout makes training accessible to everyone.
  • A Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan Template allows for additional customization on jobsites where the use of non-conventional fall protection may be necessary for certain work tasks.
  • By encouraging your Skilled Subcontractors to participate in this program, your potential liability for injuries and building defects will be reduced.
  • Your Skilled Subcontractors will be in compliance with OSHA regulations with regard to safety training and a more consistent approach to safety on jobsites will develop among the subcontractor base.
  • General Contractors will be provided with consistent safety across their jobsites.
  • Better compliance with third party inspection companies will be achieved.

So what does it cost? FrameSAFE subscription pricing is based on the number of units your company produces each year. For complete pricing and an outline of steps to complete the subscription process, visit our website:


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