NAHB Safety Committee Invites NFC to Introduce FrameSAFE at its June 5 Meeting

Originally published by: National Framers CouncilJune 11, 2015

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Members of the National Framers Council (NFC) Steering Committee were invited to attend the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Safety & Health Committee 1 meeting in Washington, DC, that occurred this past Friday, June 5, 2015.

Addressing a group of about 40 attendees that included safety consultants, home builders and other industry professionals, NFC Steering Committee Chair George Hull (Hull Associates) provided some background on the organization and a general update of the NFC’s progress since its inception in June of 2013.

NFC Safety Committee Chair Kenny Shifflett (Ace Carpentry) then focused the group’s presentation on the Council’s newly released FrameSAFE Safety Program. The OSHA-compliant, bilingual, site-specific safety program was designed specifically for the framing industry to standardize safety training among Professional Framers across the country. The program represents the initial emphasis of NFC’s efforts as a primary means to carry out the Council’s mission to make sure framers return home safely at the end of each work day.

 “Overall, the meeting went well,” said Shifflett. “We appreciated the opportunity to introduce NAHB members to both NFC and the FrameSAFE program, and look forward to an ongoing conversation between our organizations.”

The general tenor and feedback received after the meeting indicated that the NAHB Committee would like to see the NFC program be very successful. The cautionary note provided was that there are always unforeseen challenges in the context of OSHA compliance.

“There was optimism in the room,” Hull agreed. “While it’s clear there are regional differences regarding safety, the NFC views this as an opportunity to work through those issues and make them trainable moments for everyone that increases the level of safety on the jobsite nationwide.”

NFC Standards Development Committee Chair Scott Stevens (Modu-Tech) also participated in the presentation with a brief introduction of the work plan for the newest NFC committee. NFC Associate Members in attendance included Paul Cracknell (Safety Pole, Inc.) and Joe Hikel (Shelter Systems Limited).

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1 The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), and their wholly-owned funding subsidiaries that support NAHB work product (e.g. Home Innovation Research Labs, Home Builder’s Institute, etc.), create resolutions to promote NAHB positions. The NAHB leadership expectation is a united advocacy effort in the market.

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