MiTek Introduces Foundation Anchor for Faster Wall Installation

Originally published by: MiTek Builder ProductsJune 22, 2015

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MiTek will announced tomorrow the release of a new USP Structural Connectors product, the FA4 Foundation Anchor.

The International Building Code and International Residential Code now commonly require the use of 5/8" diameter anchor bolts on design plans for anchoring a structure to its foundation. The FA4 Foundation Anchor may be installed as a replacement for these anchor bolts, while achieving the same load capacity.  In addition, 1/2” diameter anchor bolts, which have been called out in the building code for many years, may also be replaced with FA4 Foundation Anchors.  For replacing 1/2” diameter anchor bolts, fewer FA4 Foundation Anchors would be required than the number needed to replace 5/8” anchors bolts, further driving down product and installation costs.

The FA4 Foundation Anchors are installed in wet concrete.  The design of the legs of the FA4 allow the concrete to flow through the anchor, reducing the chance for spalling.  Once the concrete cures, mudsills can be put in place and secured by bending the FA4 flanges for a tight fit and then nailing the FA4 in place with the size and quantity of fasteners specified by USP.  The FA4 can also be mounted to a form board before concrete is poured.

“The specification of 5/8" and 1/2” anchor bolts is costly, to say nothing of the labor-intensive task of embedding them in concrete and bolting down the mud sill,” said Steve Brekke, P.E., Engineering Operations Manger for USP.  ”The FA4 offers a cleverly design alternative that can save both money and time.”

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